Cody Rhodes Shouldn't Win The WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Either

In what was the wrestling world's worst-kept secret, Triple H announced the revival of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the April 24 edition of "WWE Raw." Expectedly, the Internet Wrestling Community was abuzz about the first potential champion that will be crowned at the forthcoming Night of Champions event in Saudi Arabia. While Seth Rollins looks like a natural contender based on his promo on Monday night, many have suggested "The American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes could receive his big moment now — especially after his defeat to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39 left him humbled and with only a rubber chicken to console him.

While Rhodes undoubtedly deserves a major championship run in WWE, this isn't it. In fact, the yellow rubber chicken might be more valuable in his keep than the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. For Rhodes, it's the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship or nothing — and there are a few reasons for it.

It's way too easy and predictable

When two children fight over a toy, it's usually resolved by buying a toy for the other child. However, the kid who originally owned the toy snickers because they know they still have the original, while the new one is purely for keeping the peace and appeasement. In much the same way, that's how a WWE World Heavyweight Championship win will feel for Cody Rhodes. Triple H told the world that there are more chapters to this story after The American Nightmare's defeat at WrestleMania, so that's what everyone is expecting to witness.

Throwing this new strap on Rhodes is an easy way out and makes him come across like a contender who took the low road to glory. This new title has zero prestige right now and won't do anything to elevate Rhodes from his current position as the man angling to depose the Tribal Chief at the head of the table. Instead, it will make him appear like a coward who ran from Reigns.

The Tribal Chief is still the big dog

Whichever way anyone looks at it, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be a consolation prize for Cody Rhodes. The Tribal Chief's multi-year reign is a colossal shadow looming over the entire locker room at this point. For better or worse, he is the top dog in the company, and the only way a champion's credibility will be made is if they beat him in the middle of the ring for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

Rhodes is no different — he simply needs to beat Reigns. He was suckered out of the title by the Bloodline's shenanigans and he needs a rematch to settle the score. While he is off on a side quest with Brock Lesnar at the moment, the feud between Rhodes and Reigns is far from over. For The American Nightmare to become the face of the company, as so many have predicted, it's essential for him to topple Reigns in the process.

The Rhodes family story needs to be completed

The memes of Cody Rhodes telling everyone he is Dusty's son never get old. Yes, everyone gets it: He wants to do what his daddy never got to do and win the big one. In this case, the big one is what Roman Reigns is carrying around. From Paul Heyman to Reigns and many fans, everyone has questioned if Rhodes has what it takes to go one step further than Dusty.

Yet, apart from doing it for Dusty, winning the title will close the loop on a story that was started when Rhodes joined a certain group called The Legacy back in his early days in 2008. It's almost a prophecy — a destiny — that he needs to fulfill by climbing to the top of the mountain, beating his chest where the name "Dream" is tattooed, and holding the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship up high in the air. It's that or the rubber chicken.