Cody Rhodes Mentions Rubber Chicken, Challenges Brock Lesnar To Match At WWE Backlash

If we learned one thing during the April 10 episode of "WWE Raw," it's that "The American Nightmare" is afraid of nobody. We also learned that he doesn't mind poking fun at himself from time to time either. Following last week's brutal attack at the hands of Brock LesnarCody Rhodes delivered on his promise to address his future in front of the WWE Universe. By the end of that address, he issued a challenge to "The Beast Incarnate."


He spent the majority of the promo fully taking the blame for his loss to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39, saying that he didn't calculate for all of the variables when he was unable to finish his story inside of SoFi Stadium. Then he took a little jab at his own expense, asking, "You wanna know what's more embarrassing than laying there surrounded by 80,000 people with a rubber chicken a foot away from your head and not the two titles that you came to get?"

Cody Challenges Brock

While the question was more or less rhetorical, Rhodes went into great detail describing the embarrassment of having to wake up the next day and go to work empty-headed. He talked about looking for "a modicum of satisfaction" and even when he was denied a rematch, he thought he had forged an alliance with Lesnar. Obviously, that wasn't to be, which brings us to the present.


Rhodes said that he knows he should be afraid of Lesnar and that he's probably seen as prey similar to how many of his past victims have been. But he doesn't care about any of that, which is why the only path forward was to challenge the former WWE Universal Champion to a match at Backlash. That's when Rhodes then brought things to a close, declaring, "I'd be crazy not to be scared of Brock Lesnar, but I still want to fight Brock Lesnar!"

WWE later promoted Lesnar will appear on next Monday's "Raw," presumably to answer Rhodes' challenge.