Booker T Thinks Wrestling In Impact Will Motivate Trinity Fatu To Get Back To WWE

Since walking out of WWE last May, Trinity Fatu (formerly Naomi) has yet to re-enter the squared circle. That's about to change, as it was reported this week that Fatu will be making her debut with Impact Wrestling this weekend, supposedly as more than just a one-off. Current "WWE NXT" commentator and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has weighed in, suggesting that this move to Impact Wrestling will set Fatu on the path to eventually return to WWE.

"It's a good thing that she's not just gonna sit on the shelf and just wait," Booker said on "The Hall of Fame," believing the worst thing she could've done was wait until WWE potentially picked up the phone again. After nearly one year away though, Booker could see this bringing other challenges to the surface. "She's gonna be like in that testing mode now as far as, you know, 'Does she really want this?'" he added. When Fatu walked out, she did so with Sasha Banks (now Mercedes Moné), who currently finds herself representing NJPW. Despite not wrestling since, Fatu has popped up at events such as ROH Supercard of Honor while also reportedly being considered by STARDOM as well, but nothing was ever finalized.

Now Booker wants to see her work her way back, noting it took so much work to get to this point to begin with. "I just felt like it was a bad, bad, bad deal for her to move away," he continued. "But her being in Impact is something that's gonna perhaps motivate her to get back to where I really think she needs to be, and that's in the WWE."

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