Konnan Says Vince McMahon Is Making Changes At WWE: 'I Know That For A Fact'

Since Vince McMahon returned to WWE earlier this year, fans and pundits have assumed that he will once again take over creative responsibilities. This has been the case in the aftermath of the WWE-UFC merger, with reports indicating that McMahon has been calling the shots during some episodes of "WWE Raw." Recently on Keeping' it 100, Konnan commented on McMahon's presence and effect backstage, noting that he's heard that he's implemented some changes.

"Let me tell you this, for a fact. He could've been doing it over video conference or over the phone," Konnan said. "I know for sure he hasn't been backstage at every show, but there have been some changes by him. I know that for a fact."

In recent weeks, reports of shows being changed at the very last minute have emerged, which is a characteristic that's been associated with McMahon-led creative in the past. This past Monday's "Raw" reportedly saw some women's segments get cut from the show. Though communication within the company has assured that Triple H is firmly in charge of the company's creative direction, McMahon's shadow is still being felt backstage.

The last time McMahon was known to be physically present for a WWE event was this year's ill-received "Raw" after WrestleMania 39. It was reported that with McMahon's returned presence backstage, he was "firmly back in charge" of creative for the show. That particular "Raw" reportedly received many last-minute edits and rewrites, with some taking place only a few hours before the show began airing.