Tommy Dreamer Says Solo Sikoa Should've Been Drafted To WWE Raw, Traded To SmackDown

Despite WWE teasing that groups and tag teams were going to split up during the WWE Draft the company didn't break anybody up. However, if Tommy Dreamer had his way he would have done with The Bloodline. 

Sikoa has been Reigns' right-hand man as of late, which included him helping Reigns retain the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 39. Since then there has been tension between Sikoa and his brothers as he has become more important to the "Tribal Chief," and that's something that Dreamer wanted to see WWE tap into via the draft.

"I would've said Solo is on Raw and Roman is on SmackDown," Dreamer revealed on "Busted Open Radio." "Just for a little bit because Roman doesn't always appear, then I would've done a trade ... I would have added to showing that Roman needs Solo."

Although he doesn't know who that trade would've been for, this could have been done to build up The Bloodline's enforcer, continuing the push that the youngest member of the group has been enjoying as of late. 

"If Solo gets a little bit of a buzz, a little bit of a win streak on the other side, and Roman's like, 'I need this guy,'" Dreamer said. "It would've been like, 'Woah, this guy is even bigger than we expect him to be.'"

Instead, Sikoa was drafted alongside Reigns and Paul Heyman on night one of the draft, and despite the tensions that have been shown between The Bloodline lately The Usos did join them when they were drafted to the blue brand on "WWE Raw" this week.

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