Konnan Thinks Chavo Guerrero's Recent Comments Could Be A Play To Get Back To WWE

Chavo Guerrero ended up in hot water recently, when the former ECW Champion decided to tweet out some vitriolic comments at Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik, specifically over their use of Eddie Guerrero's name. Chavo tweeted that Rey was exploiting Eddie's legacy, but soon walked back the comments, claiming the comments were made "tongue in cheek." Disco Inferno and Konnan dove into the situation on the latest "Keepin' It 100," with Disco saying that he didn't sense any truth to Guerrero's tweets.

"I immediately thought this was Chavo working," Disco said, noting that he thought it was part of an angle, "like Dom comes out with 'Uncle Chavo,'" but Inferno also postulated that it could be related to the negative press surrounding Eddie's daughter Sherilyn, who has accused Vickie Guerrero's husband of sexual assault. "This could be classic deflection to get people talking about other stuff other than that stuff."

Konnan wasn't sure about the deflection but felt the comments were "very out of character for Chavo" saying that Chavo "knows for a fact how much Eddie loved Rey and vice versa." According to Konnan, Eddie would sleep at Rey's house in San Jose instead of the hotel WWE got for him. 

"They loved each other like you have no idea," Konnan explained. "If anything he's not prostituting, he's not trying to get over using [Eddie's] name, he's just showing love and respect for Eddie because we loved him." Konnan thinks there are two possible reasons behind Guerrero's behavior, saying Guerrero is either walking back his controversial comments after being told it was not a "good look" for the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, or that Guerrero was hoping to get his comments in the mainstream press, as a way of getting WWE's attention and maybe even getting a job. 

"There's no way he actually believes at this stage of his career ... that Rey couldn't hold a candle to him," Konnan said adamantly.