Shawn Spears Plans To Be More 'Selfish' Creatively In AEW As He Winds Down His Career

Shawn Spears returned to AEW last month after taking some time away from the ring, and the 42-year-old wrestler is coming back with a renewed outlook on his career. Speaking to WrestleZone, Spears stated that he's now less concerned with being at the top of the card than he once might have been.

"Whether or not I'm going to be highlighted coming back, I don't think that's a thing," Spears said. "I think my role is pretty set in AEW. ... I don't care anymore. I want to go out and have banger matches." The former Pinnacle member then stated that there are a number of performers he wants to get in the ring with as his time as a wrestler winds down. Spears named all of his former Pinnacle stablemates as possible opponents, as well as "Switchblade" Jay White. The AEW star also discussed what changes fans might expect for his storylines going forward.

"I am going to be a little more selfish in regards to what I can control," Spears continued. "A lot of the things ... that you see on TV ... going forward [have] come from me. Win, lose, or draw, it was probably my idea." According to Spears, wrestlers can only control so much in the wrestling business, and trying to fight against that only creates stress. Instead of that, Spears wants to get as much enjoyment as he can from wrestling in the time he has left, and pass down what he's learned to the next generation of performers.