Thunder Rosa On Zoey Stark's WWE Main Roster Call-Up: 'The Sky Is The Limit For Her'

The seeds for Zoey Stark's main roster call-up were planted months ago, but it wasn't until last week that her dream finally became a reality, as she was chosen to join the "WWE Raw" roster during the WWE Draft. As the draft assignments officially take effect this Monday, "Busted Open Radio" took a look at some of the "WWE NXT" call-ups, including Stark. For former AEW Women's Champion Thunder Rosa, Stark has the potential to be a key player in the "Raw" women's division.

"I believe that if they put [Zoey] with anyone and they put some meat and potatoes on the storyline, this is going to go over really well for her and for her opponent," Rosa said. "I have so much to say about her and in so many ways, but I'm so biased because, like I said, I knew her before she became famous and I always knew the hunger and the eagerness to become her best self." Based on their prior interactions, Rosa believes Stark can soar even higher on the main roster, maybe even to the top. "The sky is the limit for her, seriously, or the universe, not even the sky, the universe. She has so much to offer to the women's division."

The potential may be there, but as with any creative booking, there is always the possibility of getting lost in the shuffle, which Stark has cited as one of her worries about getting called up. Rosa recognizes this issue as well, but is crossing her fingers that WWE invests time and money into the former "NXT" Women's Tag Team Champion, because she believes Stark is worth it.

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