Teddy Long Loved Being A Referee, Says Tim White Deserves WWE HOF Induction

Until 2023, the WWE Hall of Fame had never inducted a referee. That all changed when the late Tim White got the nod, joining a class that included Rey Mysterio, TheĀ Great Muta, Stacy Keibler, and Andy Kaufman. Fellow Hall of Famer Teddy Long, also once a referee, wasn't inducted solely on his officiating merits, but rather for his entire body of work. Even still, appearing recently on "Inside the Ropes," Long recalled his time as a referee fondly while praising White once more.

"I didn't go in as a ref," he said while rattling off his experience as a personality, which included a long stint as "WWE SmackDown" General Manager as well as managing various wrestlers backstage. "But see refereeing, people don't understand I loved that because if it hadn't been for me being a referee, I wouldn't be where I am today."

Long didn't stop there, sounding his support for WWE finally taking the step to include referees in their Hall of Fame classes. "I think it's a great thing that they're now deciding to put referees in the Hall of Fame," he continued. "I'm so happy for Tim White, God rest his soul, man. He was a great guy," adding that nobody deserved the honor more than him. This isn't the first time Long has praised White's work between the ropes either. Last November, he named White as one referee who was very deserving of such a nod. Now that it's happened, he hopes it's a sign of things to come, saying "I hopefully think that by them putting Tim White in, I hope that is the beginning of something."

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