Trinity On Mercedes Mone: 'I'm Gonna Always Be Here For Her. Always. And Vice Versa'

Trinity recently splashed back onto the scene with Impact Wrestling, and her return to the squared circle was watched and cheered on by none other than Mercedes Mone. In a recent interview with Forbes, Trinity spoke on her relationship with Mone.


"We've always been close and had a great working relationship, but definitely have drawn closer over the years," she said, "definitely even closer with this experience because really we just had each other through this whole ordeal. And I truly, deeply, deeply love her with all of my heart." The "experience" in question for Trinity and Mone being their departure from WWE. In May 2022, the pair walked out of "WWE Raw," due to creative differences. The cascade of events from there included an on-air denouncement from the "WWE SmackDown" commentary team, and a months-long mystery concerning the contract status of both stars. Half of that contract mystery was finally solved when Mone re-emerged earlier this year at NJPW's Wrestle Kingdom.


WWE's bashing of Mone through Michael Cole wasn't the only flak the star received through the entire ordeal. Trinity called the narratives painted towards her "unfortunate," and called the former Sasha Banks "very strong" and "bright." "She's this little tiny woman, still very young, still has so much to prove and in her career. But I just, I admire her strength," she said, "And just to be so young and to know who you are, and what you want and where you wanna go and where you wanna be and to not apologize for that. I really love that about her. And I'm gonna always be here for her. Always. And vice versa."