AEW Releases Director's Cut Of Matt Hardy's Firm Deletion Match

While Matt Hardy is seemingly not quite "Broken" in the way that he once was, last night's "AEW Rampage" saw the former "Big Money Matt" resurrect one of his most beloved concepts: the cinematic "Deletion" match.


This iteration, titled "Firm Deletion," saw Matt, his recently returned brother Jeff Hardy, Private Party member Isiah Kassidy, and the FTW Champion Hook team up to take on a contingent from Stokely Hathaway's villainous Firm stable, consisting of Big Bill, Ethan Page, Lee Moriarty, and Hathaway himself. The "Firm Deletion" featured most of the usual wacky shenanigans fans have come to expect, but it turns out there's even more to enjoy, as AEW has released a "director's cut" of the match, exclusively on Bleacher Report. The video is not embeddable, but is linked in AEW's tweet below.


Unsurprisingly, the Hardy-led team emerged victorious in the "Firm Deletion," which represented the first big match for Jeff since his return to AEW after nearly a year away. It remains to be seen how Jeff will hold up physically in matches actually taking place in a ring, however, Jeff did manage to hit a match-winning Swanton Bomb.The "Firm Deletion" match looks to conclude a story that had been building up for months, which at one point primarily focused on a rivalry between Matt and Page. Per the premise of the match, Hathaway's Firm also seems to be dissolved as a group, although whether that will stick permanently remains to be seen. According to Matt though, The Firm has now been rendered obsolete.