News On Backstage Reaction To Carlito's Return At WWE Backlash

Despite the major pop that Carlito received during his surprise comeback at Backlash, his appearance was just a one-off, per Fightful Select.

That was the case as of this weekend, but that could always change, as is always the case with professional wrestling. That is especially true in this situation because his return spot is something that WWE sources were very happy with, and several people backstage spoke about how much he has matured since his last full-time WWE run. It was also noted that the reaction he got during the San Juan street fight was better than expected.


Carlito did make a surprise appearance in the 2021 men's Royal Rumble match, but there were no live fans in attendance for that one due to the global pandemic. However, there have been numerous pitches over the last few years to bring him back for runs or even a full-time deal. Carlito himself admitted that he is "open to whatever" following his appearance in Puerto Rico, but also added that he would listen to "any good offer from anywhere."

The WWE Universe was vocal about their excitement seeing Carlito fight alongside the members of the LWO on Saturday, and that has been echoed afterward online. Nearly million people have viewed his comeback on YouTube, showcasing that there is interest in seeing him in the public spotlight again. His last full-time run with the company came to an end in 2010 his first violation of WWE's Wellness Policy and his subsequent refusal to go to rehab.