Magnum T.A. Explains Why He Never Felt The Temptation To Join WWE

Magnum T.A. is in the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame, is a former NWA United States Heavyweight Champion as well as Mid-South North American Champion, and took part in memorable feuds against the likes of Tully Blanchard and many more throughout his career. However, Magnum never made the move over to WWE, and on a recent episode of "Busted Open Radio," he revealed why it didn't happen.

"There wasn't [any temptation to go to WWE] at that particular moment in time," Magnum said regarding the early to mid-1980s. The former NWA star explained that due to their strong TBS time slot, NWA's Jim Crockett Promotions was in an excellent position, with the popularity of both the company and its performers continuing to rise.

"They put Flair and I around the [loop] when we first jumped on [SuperStation TBS]," Magnum continued. "[He] and I did 19 hour-draws around the whole loop. So everywhere they were seeing NWA coming for the first time, they were seeing Ric and I going out there and doing the hour." The Hall of Famer stated that Flair was in excellent shape and he could keep up with Flair, so they kept the crowd invested for the entire duration of the match.

Magnum made sure to note that if he hadn't had a career-ending accident, he almost certainly would've become interested in signing with WWE as they began dominating the industry over the next several years. However, Magnum was forced to retire in 1986 due to a career-ending auto accident that left him seriously injured. His profile in wrestling was still on the rise at the time, and there's no telling what the rest of Magnum's career might have looked like had it not happened.