Backstage News On Becky Lynch's Mic Getting Cut During Segment On WWE Raw

After a very brief hiatus, Becky Lynch returned to "WWE Raw" last night to seek her revenge against WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus. Lynch was able to send Stratus retreating to the back after a short scrap, but it seemed like she had something to say when her music started playing and cut her off.

In an update, Fightful Select reports that the portion that was cut off wasn't substantial and that their feud is slated to go on for some time. As a result, Lynch will have plenty of time to say what was planned at that moment. 

Seemingly to poke fun at the spot, Lynch did share a clip on social media of her finding the producer who cut her music short before striking him with a forearm shot as a receipt. "The Man" is clearly fired up after Stratus ultimately cost her and Lita their WWE Women's Tag Team Championship reign right after WrestleMania 39. In doing so, Stratus turned heel for the first time in years and is fully embracing it, as evident by her promo on "Raw" where she degraded Lynch's child and the fans in attendance.

It has not been made clear as to when WWE is planning to book the first Lynch vs. Stratus singles match. WWE Night of Champions is approaching on May 27 in Saudi Arabia — a place that Stratus has to compete. Meanwhile, Money in the Bank in July will emanate from London, while SummerSlam in Detroit this August has been speculated upon by fans. Whenever it does occur, it will mark Stratus' first singles match since 2019.