WWE Reportedly Piped In Audio Reaction To Cody Rhodes/Brock Lesnar Segment On Raw

Fightful Select has confirmed that WWE heavily piped in audio during Brock Lesnar's segment with Cody Rhodes on "WWE Raw," and it wasn't just people online that didn't think it was necessary. 

Viewers at home were subjected to a chorus of boos being piped in which ended up becoming so distracting that the promo Lesnar was cutting became hard to hear. However, this didn't appear to be how the live crowd was reacting, as can be seen in the below clip with the fans visible on camera. WWE has been piping in audio recently in an attempt to seemingly add more drama and story to storylines and matches, but this detracted from the segment even more, making the reaction feel even faker.


The piped-in noise was so over the top that many fans took to social media to mention it. The boos were constant throughout the entire segment which was an instant red flag to them being piped in and there are people within WWE that echoed their sentiment that fake crowd noise wasn't necessary. 

"The Beast Incarnate's" surprise appearance on the show cost Rhodes his chance to become the new World Heavyweight Champion as he wanted revenge for Rhodes busting him open and beating him at Backlash. Lesnar ended up F5'ing the "American Nightmare" through the announce table before challenging him to a fight at the upcoming Night Of Champions premium live event. Later on in the evening that challenge was accepted by Rhodes, making the match official for the Saudi Arabia show but it remains to be seen whether any stipulations will be added.