Bobby Fish Says CM Punk/AEW Situation Is An Example Of Wrestling Taking 'A Wrong Turn'

Over the last several decades, the professional wrestling industry has undergone monumental change. One aspect that stands in stark contrast from the earlier days of wrestling is fan interest in backstage rumors, and former WWE and AEW star Bobby Fish believes it's been bad for the industry. Speaking to "Inside The Ropes," Fish elaborated on his point.


"What should be interesting, and what people should be following is what's being written, storyline wise, and what they're doing there," Fish said. "But everybody invests their time and energy in ... whatever they think the perception is of what's going on behind the scenes. ... I don't know, I just think somewhere along the lines, pro wrestling has taken a wrong turn." Asked about Punk specifically, Fish stated that he didn't have any strong opinions about him, and it wouldn't make a difference either way.

"I don't like or need to like everyone that I work with," Fish said. "I'll never not be professional, but that it's in the eye of the beholder, you know, as to what's considered professional and what's not."


Fish and Punk have something of a history with one another. Before Fish departed AEW, he had a singles match against Punk, kicking out just after the referee finished the three-count and leaving viewers wondering if there was some miscommunication between the two. Last year, Fish challenged Punk to a fight following the All Out media scrum and alleged altercation that followed. The former AEW star also publicly called Punk's MMA skills into question, though Fish did also say Punk's "not a bad pro wrestler."