AEW's Saraya Goes Off On 'Scummy' Autograph Sellers: 'Do Not Disrespect Me'

Over the past few months, there's been renewed talk about fans seeking autographs from wrestlers in public places, and how far things can go before it comes intrusive. The issue was big enough that a report emerged in March that WWE stars were cutting back on autographs after a video emerged of Rey Mysterio being swarmed by fans at an airport. Now it appears a similar situation has occurred with AEW star Saraya prior to tonight's "AEW Dynamite." Taking to Twitter, The Outcast leader vented about a rather unpleasant fan interaction earlier in the day.

"If you come to my hotel and wait outside of it for me to sign s**t," Saraya wrote. "I sign stuff even though I know you sell it. I'm nice to you and then say I'll be back down after glam to take pics, for me to walk inside and for you to then make fun of my tapes to the Uber driver that asked what I did and not realize my makeup guy is right there I will f*****g lose it on you. Like I just did. Do not disrespect me or any wrestler ever. I will not sign s**t for you for free ever again. EVER. Don't even ask. I'm done with the scummy auto sellers."

Saraya and Mysterio are not the only wrestlers to have to deal with unruly fans over the past few months. Only days after Mysterio's episode in March, Rhea Ripley detailed how an interaction with one obnoxious fan led to the current "WWE Raw" Women's Champion stating she would only sign items going forward that were of a personal nature, and not items that could then be sold later over the internet.