Bully Ray Comments On Don Callis' AEW Dynamite Heel Turn

Last night's "AEW Dynamite" may be in the books, but fans can't seem to stop talking about it, especially the main event, where Jon Moxley defeated Kenny Omega in a steel cage match with an assist from Don Callis. That came as a big shock, given Callis has not only been Omega's manager, but a longtime confidant dating back to his early years in wrestling. On this morning's Busted Open Radio, Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray, who both worked with Callis in ECW, discussed the shocking angle. Ray, a man who loves his heat, was in particular very high on the whole thing, and what he liked the most about it was that AEW lingered on the ending and allowed everyone to process it.

"I was very happy that they allowed it to breathe," Ray said. "That's been your biggest pet peeve about AEW since day one. It seems like they go from one thing to another so quickly that you're not allowed to fully take it in and digest it. And last night, I was able to emotionally invest in what Don Callis did. Emotionally invest in his turn, look at people's faces." As happy as he is with the angle overall, and the possibilities coming out of it, Ray does believe Callis could've done better to really nail it home.

"There's only one thing I wish Don Callis would've done a little bit more of; play to the people in the ring and the cameras, and not the people away from the cameras," Ray said. "Tiny, tiny little thing. I would've liked to have seen more of Don Callis' face. I would've liked to have seen more of Don Callis looking at the BCC, or looking at Kenny."

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