Maxxine Dupri Says Her Focus Is Getting Otis A WWE Title Around His Waist

While Mace and Mansoor have been the main faces of Maximum Male Models, Maxine Dupri has big plans for Alpha Academy's Otis (aka Otise) in the future. In an interview with WWE's German-language program "Die Woche," Dupri discussed her "very, very strong relationship" with Otise. For starters, the proprietor of WWE's top modeling agency aims to have the former tag team champion appear on magazine covers because "that beautiful soul and body and his gorgeous quads need to be photographed and displayed." However, she also has her eye on more high-end goals, including a big, gold accessory like the World Heavyweight Championship.


"Working with Otise is amazing," said Dupri. "He has the it factor and that's what I keep talking about. You can see it. It exudes out of him. I think he's so talented. He has so many star qualities and I just think that with our continued partnership, he's going straight to the top, especially with this new championship on 'Raw.'" Although, in order for Otise to reach these new heights, Dupri strongly feels that her new associate needs to be open to criticism. On last week's "WWE Raw," Alpha Academy's "Number One Guy" suffered a loss to Mustafa Ali after some confusion over the big man's signature maneuver, the Caterpillar. While Chad Gable encouraged the move, Dupri stopped it from happening.


"I feel like there's a time and a place for that extra stardom," she explained. "We know that he has [the Caterpillar]. In that moment, he needed to squash [his opponent] and get that win. There's going to be a different time where he gets to show off his gorgeous body and beautiful talents. And I'm just saying, if he had immediately listened to me, that match would have ended differently."