Young Rock Among Shows Absent From NBC Fall Schedule, Awaiting Network Decision

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's "Young Rock" sitcom could be in trouble at NBC. The semi-autobiographical comedy show centering around Johnson and the early years of his life isn't on the fall schedule for NBC.

Alongside two other NBC shows, "Young Rock" now sits in a bubble between cancellation and renewal. As far as the show's fate on NBC goes, the network has said that a decision has "yet to be made." The show has been on the air for three seasons on NBC, and it has been airing since 2021. The show's third season came to a close this past February.

"Young Rock" is notably based on real events from Johnson's life, albeit heavily fictionalized for television. Former WWE manager and long-time friend of Johnson, Harvey Wippleman, recently discussed how a memory he has with Johnson was portrayed differently on television. The show has also featured appearances from wrestlers of today as stars of the past. Wrestlers that have made appearances on the show include Becky Lynch, Grayson Waller, and Colt Cabana.

Johnson's schedule nowadays seems to be ever-growing, and outside of his acting career and his own sitcom, Johnson also co-owns the XFL. The alternative football league, which was started by Vince McMahon, was purchased by Johnson in 2020. A couple of months ago, Johnson made another venture in the realm of sports ownership and joined a group that is bidding for ownership of the NHL's Ottawa Senators. His place in the bidding would come as part of the larger Neko Sparks Group.