MJF 'Would Rather Die' Than Visit The UK For AEW All In

While many fans are excited to see AEW's debut in the United Kingdom later this summer, AEW World Champion MJF is certainly not. On Sunday, August 27, AEW will travel across the pond to London, England as they host All In at Wembley Stadium, and so far, the company has reportedly sold more than 65,000 tickets for the event. Though this might be a homecoming celebration for some performers, MJF has made it clear that he is not a fan of the United Kingdom.


"It doesn't get me excited, I'm glad everybody else is. I'd rather die than have to go over there, but I'm sure Tony [Khan] is going to make me because he sucks," MJF said in a new promotional video. Putting his personal feelings aside, MJF recognizes that All In will be a historic event for AEW, not only as they aim to make a splash internationally, but also as they appear to be generating the largest crowd the company's ever had.

"Every single show we put on is the best because we have the best talent pool, we have the highest energy crowds and we have the biggest star of them all — Maxwell Jacob Friedman. It's the one show you need to go to, because what we're doing is we're making history," he said. "It's going to be the biggest crowd in the history of this promotion we've ever been in front of. It's going to be the loudest, most obnoxious, most drunk, most European fans we've been in front of."


As of now, All In is reportedly set up to accommodate 74,000 fans, but should ticket sales hit reach that number, AEW will likely expand their seat availability even more. Wembley Stadium, of course, seats a capacity of 90,000.