WWE-UFC Merger Company Is Currently Listed As New Whale Inc.

As Wade Barrett would say, "The winds of change are blowing through the WWE right now." Though big things are happening on the promotion's weekly programming following the 2023 Draft, including the crowning of an all-new World Heavyweight Champion at Night of Champions on May 27th, even bigger things are happening behind the scenes with the merger of WWE and UFC under the Endeavor umbrella. And now we can put a name to the face, so to speak. 


After WWE Wrestlemania 39, it was announced that Ari Emanuel and Vince McMahon had come to an agreement about the sale of World Wrestling Entertainment by Endeavor. As a result, both entities would come together to form a brand new publicly owned company. While the powers that be determined an official moniker for the joint venture, the corporation was known as New PubCo or the New York Stock Exchange ticker symbol $TKO. And after a few months of deliberation, it looks like another name has been chosen. However, it may not stick around for too long.

According to Fightul, the result of this unprecedented merger will be called New Whale Inc. Although, the SEC filing does mention that "the registrant plans to change its name" again at some point. With the sale and merger expected to be finalized by the end of 2023, the new board of directors (which will include Emanuel and McMahon) still has some time to come to a final decision regarding the ultimate designation of the newly minted home of the WWE Universe. In the meantime, it appears that Emanuel is preparing for the merger by downsizing the formerly family-owned wrestling company and cutting costs where they can