Mega Cat Studios Announces WrestleQuest Video Game Release Pushed Back To The Summer

While most of the talk around wrestling video games these days seems to revolve around the WWE 2K series or "AEW Fight Forever," another game is looking to break into the market in the form of wrestling/RPG game "WrestleQuest." Unfortunately, much like the upcoming "Fight Forever," and 2021 wrestling game "RetroMania," there will be a bit of a delay before "WrestleQuest" can be played by wrestling fans everywhere.


Earlier on Monday, "WrestleQuest" developers Mega Cat Studios announced in a statement on Twitter that the game, originally scheduled to be released this month, will instead be pushed back until the summer. While no official date was given, the studio stated the date would be revealed shortly. Mega Cat noted they were disappointed with the delay, but ultimately believe it will be to the benefit of both the game and the player.

Featuring wrestling legends such as AEW's Jake Roberts, Andre the Giant, and "Macho Man" Randy Savage, "WrestleQuest" has been touted as an experience where the professional wrestling world collides with the style of RPG video games, and will feature fantasy elements. Among the modes featured will be quests based around the careers of the wrestling legends included in the game, while gameplay will combine pro wrestling moves with traditional RPG combat.


Roberts, Andre, and Savage were revealed as part of "WrestleQuest" when the first trailer for the game was unveiled back in March 2021. According to the trailer, "WrestleQuest" will be available on consoles such as Playstations 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, X-Box One, and X-Box Series X/S, as well as video game service Steam.