Arn Anderson Says The Entire Dangerous Alliance Are Hall Of Famers, Wishes Curt Hennig Joined

When one generally thinks of Arn Anderson and famous stables, the first group that comes to mind is The Four Horsemen

But as important as Anderson's time in the Horsemen was, he achieved a great deal of success as a member of the Dangerous Alliance, the early '90s WCW stable led by Paul Heyman (as Paul E. Dangerously), which included future Hall of Famers such as Rick Rude, Madusa, Bobby Eaton, Larry Zbyszko, and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.


With a group like that, it would seem obvious that the group had some serious potential, but Anderson said it was only Heyman who knew right away how special the Dangerous Alliance could be.

"The one guy that knew what he had, I guarantee you, was Paul Heyman," Anderson said on the latest episode of "ARN." "And he was going to do everything he could to be an asset to that group, cause I know he didn't look at those guys and go, 'Well, they're going to be mega stars someday.' He knew they were right then. 

"It was just a question of getting them exposed, getting them out there, and getting them out there with those top babyfaces...The top guys that were around for the '80s, '90s, and the 2000s, that laundry list of guys involved in this angle, it's earth-shattering if you think about it."


The Enforcer also revealed which wrestler he could've added to the Alliance if he had a choice. "Curt Hennig," Anderson said. "He's my go-to guy man. I never was able to be his partner in any capacity."

Anderson said that the group got along business-wise, but didn't spend time together away from the ring.

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