Tony Schiavone Thought It Was Crazy DX Acknowledged Them For WCW Nitro Invasion

It's been just over 25 years since D-Generation X staged an invasion of "WCW Nitro," creating one of the most iconic moments of the "Attitude Era." While the DX side of events have been recounted many times, the WCW side of the story hasn't been discussed as often. Asked about the events from his perspective as a commentator for WCW, Tony Schiavone shared his thoughts on the latest "What Happened When" podcast.

"The only thing I remember about it was someone said, 'There's some WWE ... guys outside here and they're shooting something,'" Schiavone said. "And I went, 'Are you kidding me? Are you serious? They are actually acknowledging us? They're actually sending some people out?" Schiavone also recalled being surprised that their rival promotion sent the group back to WCW headquarters later that month. The AEW commentator stated that Vince McMahon was known for ignoring the competition, making this a radical change from the norm.

"It made me think that, well, maybe we're doing something right here, if they are outside," Schiavone said. The former WCW staffer remembered wondering if the WWE stars were going to try to enter the building, and what would happen if they made it inside. However, the members of DX did not wind up making it into the building.

According to WWE producer Bruce Prichard, the crew was nearly arrested filming outside the WCW headquarters, but everyone was eventually able to make it to the airport without incident. The segments, especially the first, are now regarded as one of the defining moments for D-Generation X and Triple H.