Mercedes Mone Mentioned (And Shown) During AEW Dynamite

NJPW star Mercedes Mone featured briefly in a video package for AEW star Willow Nightingale on this week's "AEW Dynamite."

Nightingale represented AEW at this past weekend's NJPW show, Resurgence, where she faced and defeated Mone in the final of the Strong Women's Championship. A video package to showcase her win over Mone aired on "Dynamite" this week, where the AEW star even mentioned Mone's name in the voiceover.


Nightingale defeated STARDOM's Momo Kohgo to qualify for the final of the Strong Women's Championship tournament, where she came head-to-head with Mone. The 29-year-old got the win over the former WWE star in under 10 minutes to become the first-ever Strong Women's Champion.

It's not surprising to see NJPW stars feature on AEW television as the two promotions seem to have a good relationship going. AEW and NJPW even held a co-promoted event, AEW x NJPW: Forbidden Door, last June, where stars of AEW and NJPW faced off against each other. 


The second edition of Forbidden Door will take place next month on June 25 in Toronto, Canada, but fans hoping to see Mone at the event following her match with Nightingale may be a tad disappointed. The former IWGP Women's Champion broke her ankle during the match with Nightingale, which could see her on the sidelines for a while. Her injury forced NJPW officials to change the winner of the match on-the-fly as Mone was reportedly supposed to be the inaugural winner of the Strong Women's Championship.