Justin Credible Believes Bryan Danielson Has Been Booked 'Terribly' In AEW

Former ECW and WWE star Justin Credible feels that AEW has not utilized Bryan Danielson to his full potential in his current run with the company.

Credible, during his recent interaction with the "Hitting The Turnbuckle" podcast, stated that Danielson was a huge star in pro wrestling just a few years ago, but has been booked badly by AEW. 


"I know Bryan Danielson very well, I mean he was one of the biggest stars on the planet just a couple of years ago, and they've done a horrible job with him," said Credible.

He thinks that AEW's young stars could benefit hugely from the expertise and experience of the likes of Danielson, but pointed out a possible reason for them not coming together backstage.

"Not to have him [Danielson] in some way pick these guys' brains, I just would imagine that everybody would have come together a lot easier," stated the veteran star. "I think there's so much ego involved, it blows my mind, because ECW, the way it worked was there was no ego."

Credible has heard through the grapevine that a few of the younger stars in AEW are selfish and don't want to work with the veteran stars in the company. He said AEW stars don't want to take advice from veterans like Dean Malenko or Jerry Lynn, both of whom work as backstage producers. He reasoned why these veteran stars are still a part of AEW despite having their hands tied behind the scenes.


"I just feel like people are being paid good, maybe too good, and they're just like, 'F**k this, let me just do the bare minimum what I'm asked, let's ride this train till the wheels fall off, make our money and go home,'" said Credible.