Zelina Vega Discusses Why WWE Paired Her With Santos Escobar

The partnership between Zelina Vega and Santos Escobar has proven to be a major hit for WWE. However, Vega admitted to "Wrestling With Freddie" that she initially questioned the decision, and wondered why he needed her as he was a great wrestler and talker already. 

"The way it was explained to me was, 'Well, the group is new to the main roster and you're very known by the "SmackDown" audience, and by putting him with you people go, 'Oh what is this about, we already know her to be a heel manager, we know her to be the heel wrestler. If she's introducing them, then that's what they're about,'" Vega said. "I think it was really just to help make the transition for the fans easier." Vega's dynamic with the rest of the faction has changed since the transition from Legado Del Fantasma to the LWO, and the introduction of Rey Mysterio.

The group has turned babyface, with Vega being the first female to be a member of the LWO, and she is no longer positioned as the person in control of the group, instead being showcased more as an equal. "It's evolved so much since now, being with Rey, and first of all what the hell, eight-year-old Thea is like, 'What is life,' but now having Rey on our side and having LWO be a thing again it's crazy," Vega said. "Now it's we're wrestlers in a team, not me managing wrestlers."

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