Matt Hardy Says Vince McMahon At Times Thought There Was Too Much Wrestling On A Show

It's safe to say that different bookers in professional wrestling value different aspects of the medium more than others. Regarding Vince McMahon, many believe that he values storylines and segments far more than the actual matches on the show. This notion creates both praise and criticism for McMahon when he finds himself in charge of WWE's creative team and was something that Matt Hardy picked up on during his time working for WWE.

On a recent episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the tag team legend discussed the third TLC match in WWE history, but not without first recalling McMahon's priorities as a booker. When asked about how McMahon viewed wins and losses, Hardy said he rarely cared about them and went even further to highlight McMahon's perspective on pro wrestling. "There were times where Vince McMahon would say, 'There's too much wrestling on this show!'" Hardy recalled, "I'm sure if he watched AEW, he'd say, 'There's too much wrestling on that show.'"

Hardy, a current member of the AEW roster, then compared McMahon's philosophy to AEW President Tony Khan's. "[Vince] views it as sports entertainment and he's more concerned with the stories and characters... Tony Khan views pro wrestling as a more traditional, old-school type of pro wrestling where what happens in the ring is very important and it has the true consequences," Hardy explained.

Hardy has routinely mixed the off-the-wall spectacle with in-ring consequences in recent years with his signature "Deletion" matches. The most recent of these bouts, The Firm Deletion, took place just last month on "AEW Rampage" and featured both bizarre character work and remarkable feats of athleticism from those involved.