Matt Hardy Says AEW Talent Are Anxious Regarding Expected Brand Split

There have been a lot of question marks regarding the future of AEW's roster with the launch of "AEW Collision" on Saturday, June 17. This is due to conflicting reports of a potential brand split, with the idea of it reportedly changing daily. While it's unknown if there will be a hard split or if only a few stars will be confined to either "Collision" or "AEW Dynamite," Matt Hardy has admitted that people "are a little anxious about where they're going to land."

"People want to plan vacations and family time and trips and whatnot and it's kind of tricky because as of now everybody kind of has to leave everything open," he said on "The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy" podcast. "So, I'll be happy when Collision gets here and they kind of have really a good lock on what roster is on Dynamite and what roster is on Collision, there'll be some guys that float back and forth."

CM Punk is rumored to return for the Saturday show, with The Elite expected to be heading up "Dynamite." However, nothing is confirmed at this point, and Hardy himself admitted he has no idea what the ultimate plan is from Tony Khan regarding the rosters. So far AEW stars have had a solid and reliable schedule that has also been quite light in terms of how much they need to work, and that has been a big selling point for a lot of people to join, and Hardy isn't looking for much change.  "I hope it's a pretty regular schedule so the guys that are involved can live a regular life," he said.

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