Indus Sher, With Jinder Mahal, Continue To Wreak Havoc On WWE Raw

Indus Sher, under the mentorship of Jinder Mahal, has been instating its dominance on WWE's red brand since being called up from "WWE NXT" as part of the recent supplemental Draft. The May 29 edition of "WWE Raw" was no different, as Veer Mahaan and Sanga made quick work of Javier Bernal and Kevin Ventura-Cortes in tag team action.

The victory continues the team's winning streak since joining the main roster. The duo has been defeating local enhancement talents so far, but it's clear that Sanga and Maahan are being positioned as a force to be reckoned with in the red brand's tag team division.

Despite the group being a new addition to "WWE Raw," a couple of Indus Sher members are familiar faces to fans of "Raw" and "WWE SmackDown." Maahan enjoyed a brief stint on the main roster in 2021 following a long series of vignettes hyping up his arrival. Mahal, meanwhile, is a former WWE Champion who first joined the company in 2010 and has plenty of experience under his belt as a result.

Mahal has been acting as Indus Sher's mouthpiece since partnering up with the superstars. However, despite not seeing as much in-ring action as he used to, Mahal will reportedly wrestle in WWE again at some point. For now, though, WWE's creative plans revolve around having him serve as the manager for Indus Sher. Mahal, Mahaan, and Sanga aren't the only call-ups who've made an instant impact on the red brand, either. On last night's show, JD McDonagh attacked Dolph Ziggler and sent a message to "The Showoff."