Trevor Murdoch Recalls Triple H Falling Out With The New Age Outlaws

Before he was an NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Murdoch spent some time in WWE, where he teamed with the late Lance Cade. Over the course of their partnership, Murdoch and Cade developed a close relationship outside of the ring but also a reputation for being among the toughest tag teams in WWE. So tough, in fact, that they could be counted on for potentially sticky situations.

One such predicament involved Triple H and the New Age Outlaws — back when Billy Gunn and Road Dogg were wrestling for TNA. In an interview with "Under the Ring," Murdoch detailed how he and Cade nearly got involved in the issues between both sides.

"There was a time there, back in the day, when Triple H wasn't on the greatest terms with Billy Gunn and Road Dogg," Murdoch said. "We were doing a house show, I forgot where it was, but Billy and Road Dogg were doing a signing down the road, and they had sent a message that when Hunter came out for his match, they were going to hit the ring and kick his ass.

"So Hunter comes up to us ... and he explains the whole story to us ... He said 'As soon as you see those guys hop over the rail, you come out there and you eat their lunch.' And of course, we watch the match, they didn't show up, nothing happened," Murdoch explained. "But it really signified to us that they knew we'd go and we'd take care of business when we were told."

Ultimately, Triple H and the Outlaws would make amends years later. Road Dogg now works under Triple H on WWE's creative team, while Gunn has revitalized his career in AEW as "Daddy Ass," mentor to The Acclaimed.

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