Jimmy Korderas Critiques WWE Raw Promo, Reflection On World Heavyweight Championship

Seth Rollins' reign as the World Heavyweight Champion got kickstarted on "WWE Raw" this week, and while Jimmy Korderas has been impressed by what he's seen so far, he did have a critique from one element of Rhea Ripley's promo during the opening segment. 

The Judgment Day had confronted Rollins and AJ Styles to kickstart the show which led to Ripley claiming that Rollins was "Just another champion." While it was done to just take a dig at their rival to set up the main event tag team match, Korderas felt that it didn't help the brand-new title. 

"When you're trying to elevate this title, they're doing a heck of a job of trying to do so with all this pomp and circumstance, but when you throw a line like that out there it makes people think otherwise," Korderas said during his latest "Reffin Rant." "They should choose their words carefully."

WWE is aiming to make the title be seen at the same level as Roman Reigns' Undisputed WWE Universal Championships, with this title being brand specific to "Raw." The aim is for it to be defended more frequently than what the "Tribal Chief" manages, but there have certainly been question marks about whether it can be seen as the same. Styles himself questioned whether or not it is going to be seen as a secondary title due to the fact WWE had to create something else for the talent to fight for, with Ripley's promo not helping to dispel those thoughts.

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