Pat McAfee Calls Working With WWE A 'Lifelong Dream' But His Fans Were Worried

After the news emerged that Pat McAfee would be moving his popular talk show to ESPN later this year, the former WWE commentator received an influx of backlash online. Many expressed their concerns over possible creative and structural changes. McAfee did his best to suppress those worries by reiterating that the "Pat McAfee Show" would retain full creative control and the show's current format would remain intact.

During an appearance on "SI Media With Jimmy Traina," McAfee revealed that his move to WWE elicited a similar response from long-time fans, as many believed it would deter his focus from his talk show. While McAfee admits he was initially frustrated by some of the reactions, working for WWE had been a long-time dream for him, so he was determined to balance both responsibilities.

"When I decided to start doing WWE every single week, which has been a lifelong dream of mine and getting an opportunity to do it has been so cool and everybody over there I f***ing love ... But whenever I decided that I am going to try to make my show work and be a part of WWE, there was people that were naturally mad because they thought the show was going to change because I was going to spend some of my attention on the WWE, and at that moment I was so confused. I'm like, 'Man, this is completely separate from the show, completely different operation.'"

McAfee later realized that he couldn't please everyone, and while grateful that his viewers are passionate about his product, he still would like them to show more trust in him and his business decisions.

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