Maxxine Dupri Comments On Her Relationship With Alpha Academy, Maximum Male Models

Maxxine Dupri may still be early on in her wrestling career, but she told "Out of Character with Ryan Satin" that she is grateful for all of the talent that WWE has paired her with to learn from up to this point. She recently cut ties with the Maximum Male Models on WWE television, but she praised the tag team for taking her under their wing and for the positive insight that they have placed into her career. Despite the fact she was the one managing them on-screen, it was Mansoor and Mace that were helping her in reality.


"I did not know what I was doing, I was like, 'I am just showing up and rolling with the punches and hoping for the best,' and they have both taught me so much and just taken such good care of me. They've always looked out for me and even if we are traveling together, I just feel really, really thankful with my experience." 

Dupri now finds herself paired with an even more experienced duo in Alpha Academy, which is something she is having fun with so far. Dupri's connection to Otis and Chad Gable is still in its early stages, but she believes that they've already found their groove as a unit.

"They're another two that have just been so generous and kind to me," she said. "I am just thankful for anyone that I get to work with and learn from. I just keep getting paired with such talented people that just give me so much ... I think the chemistry with them has honestly just been easy. It's felt natural. Obviously, Otis is hilarious and I love playing into it. I think we have a great balance."


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