Solo Sikoa Shockingly Attacks Jimmy Uso On WWE SmackDown

Solo Sikoa made his allegiance to "The Tribal Chief" Roman Reigns loud and clear on this week's "WWE SmackDown." 

During the closing segment of the show, Sikoa attacked his own brother, Jimmy Uso, shortly after catching Reigns by surprise with his words. After Jimmy explained why he turned on Reigns at Night of Champions, the leader of The Bloodline essentially asked Sikoa to pick a side between The Usos and himself.

"I acknowledge you my Tribal Chief, but these two right here [The Usos] are my brothers," Sikoa said, as he stood beside The Usos in a show of solidarity. 

Thereafter, Jimmy convinced Reigns that they could put aside their differences and "run this place again" as they did for the previous three years, following which Reigns and Jimmy hugged at it out. At this point, it appeared that all was well within The Bloodline. Just then, Sikoa did the unthinkable by blindsiding Jimmy with the Samoan Spike.

The show went off the air with Jey tending to his twin while staring down at Sikoa, who exited the ring with Reigns and Paul Heyman. Throughout the segment, Jey tried to play the peacemaker, a drastic shift in his demeanor from the last time The Bloodline experienced disarray within its ranks. However, fans on social media believe Jey showed flashes of his hot-head persona and could be on the verge of letting out his frustrations on Reigns and Sikoa. With Reigns set to wrestle at WWE's upcoming PLEs — Money in the Bank and SummerSlam — there is a possibility that the "Tribal Chief" wrestles Jimmy in a singles bout at one of those events. Some fans have also suggested the idea of The Usos wrestling Reigns and Sikoa in a tag team bout.