Matt Hardy Talks Jeff's AEW Double Or Nothing Performance

Upon his return to AEW, Jeff Hardy was entered into an ongoing feud involving his brother, Matt, and The Firm. Jeff soon returned to in-ring action as well as he, Matt, HOOK, and Isiah Kassidy emerged victorious in a Firm Deletion match on the May 5 edition of "AEW Rampage." Jeff then took the stage at Double or Nothing, where he, Matt, and HOOK battled Ethan Page and The Gunns (Austin & Colten) in a six-man tag team bout. This marked Jeff's first pay-per-view since Double or Nothing 2022.

During a recent episode of "Extreme Life of Matt Hardy," Matt shared some insight into Jeff's performance at Double or Nothing. "All throughout the day, he said, 'I can't wait until we get this sh*t over with.' He was ready to get through that match. He just wanted to get it done. It's so funny because Jeff said 'I know people are going to have low expectations for me. They think I'm not going to be good. They think I'm not going to be crisp.' He was in great shape, cardio-wise, everything else, he was in great ring shape as far as that goes," Matt said.

At one point in the match, Jeff was setting up to deliver a Whisper in the Wind to Austin Gunn. Unfortunately, as Jeff jumped onto the ropes, he slipped and fell. Matt now reveals that the fall was intentional, but it didn't go as quite expected. "Full transparency, he wanted to go up and just slip the one leg off, but he got his one leg caught over the top rope a little bit, which is something he didn't plan to do," Matt said. "But the slip is obviously something that had been thought ahead of time."

Despite Jeff's rough landing, the Hardys and HOOK went on to capture the victory after nailing Page with two Twists of Fate and HOOK's Redrum submission.