Konnan Says Tony Khan Puts More Time Into ROH Than AEW Rampage

Tony Khan is a busy man, especially when it comes to his wrestling-related projects. In addition to running AEW, he's responsible for booking Ring of Honor's weekly show and pay-per-view events. However, Konnan believes that Khan's ROH duties have come at the expense of him making "AEW Rampage" feel like must-see television.

On the most recent episode of K/100 w/Konnan & Disco, the hosts discussed the topic of "Rampage" and its low ratings. The conversation was in regard to the May 5 episode of "Rampage," which featured the Hardy Boys' "Firm Deletion" match against Big Bill, Stokely Hathaway, Lee Moriarty, and Ethan Page. The marquee match failed to boost the ratings in a significant way, but Konnan believes the lack of effort put into the Friday show is responsible for the low numbers.

"He puts more time in and invests more time in Ring of Honor than he does Rampage, you know what I'm saying?"

Despite the low turnout for the aforementioned episode of "Rampage," Konnan believes that the Hardy Boys are still popular. He noted that there are different factors for measuring success, and he thinks the siblings are still big names in Mexico and on the independent scene. People still recognize their name value, and that gives them an advantage over many other wrestlers.

Moving forward, it will be interesting to see what AEW does with "Rampage." With the company's new two-hour "Collision" series set to premiere on June 17, the Friday night show probably won't be Khan's main focus.