Blair Davenport Match Added To 6/6 Edition Of WWE NXT

WWE announced on Sunday afternoon a new match for this Tuesday's episode of "WWE NXT." A returning Blair Davenport will be facing Dani Palmer on the June 7 episode.

It was on last week's episode of "NXT," when Davenport revealed herself as the masked assailant that was behind the attacks on several "NXT" stars including Wendy Choo, Roxanne Perez, Nikkita Lyons, and Sol Ruca. Palmer came out to the ring to demand who was behind the attacks and was upset over what happened to Ruca. Davenport sneaked into the ring and ended up attacking Palmer while pulling off her mask.

This will be Davenport's first "NXT" match since this past September when she lost in the three-way title unification match between then "NXT" UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura and then "NXT" Women's Champion Mandy Rose. It was Rose who had ended up winning the Worlds Collide title match. Davenport has been with WWE since 2021 and she wrestled in the now-defunct "NXT UK" brand. She made her "NXT" debut this past August during the "NXT" Heatwave special.

Other matches set for the June 6 episode of "NXT," include an "NXT" Women's Championship number one contender battle royal (the current "NXT" Women's Champion is Tiffany Stratton), Eddy Thorpe will face Damon Kemp, and a returning Mustafa Ali will be facing Schism leader Joe Gacy. Also, Schism's Jagger Reid, Rip Flower, and Ava will be facing Ivy Nile, Brutus and Julius Creed, and former "NXT UK" Champion IIja Dragunov will be returning since his brutal match with Dijak at Battleground.