Satnam Singh Is Confident That AEW Will Go To India Someday

AEW is set to embark on its first overseas trip in August as the company heads to Wembley Stadium in London, England, for the All In pay-per-view. AEW will break its attendance record with the show as they have already sold over 65,000 tickets, but Satnam Singh has already got his eyes set on another international date and the possibility of selling even more seats.


"India, I am going to say yes, we will come over there for sure. But I really want first to get more improved in AEW, we want more bigger, we want more exposure for AEW in other countries so we can have the best match in India," he said to "Sportskeeda WrestleBinge." "In the UK it has 60,000 tickets sold out already, and I want, whenever we come to India, not 60,000, [but]100,000 tickets."

Given the population of India, the country has the potential to be a huge market for any company in professional wrestling, which is something WWE has been trying to crack for some time. WWE is reportedly going to be putting on an event in the country later this year, showcasing that management in that promotion is well aware of the possibilities. However, it is something Tony Khan understands as well, which is why he struck a deal with Eurosport India back in 2021 to ensure that his television product would be accessible to fans in that area of the world.


Singh is someone who could play a big role in helping AEW with the Indian market, as his debut was reportedly done to help build the brand initially in that country due to his popularity from his basketball career.

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