Backstage Update On Vince McMahon's Involvement With WWE Raw & Talent Reactions

Vince McMahon was backstage at "WWE Raw" last night, and per PWInsider, he arrived sometime after 6 pm. While he did have an influence on the show, McMahon did not run things from the gorilla position, contrary to other reports that surfaced last night. Instead, McMahon "re-worked" elements of the show, changing the order and segments to greater fit his vision. Previously his changes have been last minute, which has created a frantic atmosphere, but the situation was not believed to be overly stressful this week. There reportedly wasn't much resentment or anger about the situation regarding him being there after everything that has happened.

On talent claimed that "the band-aid has already been ripped off" in regards to McMahon, and that there is a general understanding and belief that he is back on the throne in charge of things. Even when he isn't around on a weekly basis, as has been the case since he returned to WWE in an official capacity, it is known by everyone backstage that he is the one in charge, and whatever he wants to happen will happen. The Executive Chairman has been making tweaks to the show regularly since April, although that has mainly been done remotely. 

Because of the show getting altered, some of the backstage segments were taped a little later than they normally would be. However, many of them were presented as if they were live, as talent would then immediately head to the ring. However, those were actually said to be shot 20-40 minutes prior to airing on television.