DSOTR Composer Gives WWE Legend His Due

Composer Andrew Gordon MacPherson has been involved every step of the way since "Dark Side of the Ring" first began airing in 2019, handling the music for every episode. And if it wasn't clear that he had an affinity for wrestling already, his fandom for former WWE composer Jim Johnston will make that abundantly known. Appearing on "Ten Count," MacPherson credited Johnston with making him realize how important music was to pro wrestling and also came to the realization that he is approaching Johnston's workload.


"I got to hand it to Jim Johnston because it's also one of the first places where I saw the power of music and the power of a character having a theme song," MacPherson said." "The power of the theme song erupting before you — even before the character's even on camera — and what that signals to you when you are familiar with that theme and how that excitement can well up before you had even seen Bret "The Hitman" Hart come down the aisle ... So it's been really fun, kind of, because other than Jim Johnston, I don't know how many people have made as much wrestling-related music as I have at this point."

MacPherson has shown no signs of slowing down with the series, composing music for all 10 episodes of "Dark Side's" Season 4. Tonight's new episode focuses on Magnum T.A.


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