Nick Khan Reportedly Got WWE Twitch Partnership Idea From This NFL Broadcast Feature

Earlier this week, WWE announced a new partnership with the Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch. With the agreement comes an official WWE channel featuring watch-along streams and live content from the company's stars. According to Dave Meltzer in today's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE CEO Nick Khan got the idea for the "WWE Raw" watch-along stream from the popular "Manningcast" broadcasts during Monday Night Football.


Unlike the "Manningcast" streams, WWE's Twitch channel will be unable to show official footage from "Raw," as it belongs to the USA Network. However, Khan reportedly believes the "companion sidecast" will help bring additional viewers to "Raw," just as the "Manningcast" did for Monday Night Football.

Meltzer's report also included additional details on the WWE-Twitch partnership. In addition to the main WWE channel, talent will have their own individual channels, and the company reportedly negotiated a high percentage of revenue for talent compared to the standard deal Twitch provides streamers.

WWE's relationship with Twitch, or lack thereof, became a sticking point for some WWE talent in recent years, with the company at one point demanding a cut of revenue from streams or forcing talent to shut their accounts down. Things have progressed for the better over the last 12 months, however, and some stars have returned to the platform. As the new partnership continues to solidify, it seems likely more WWE stars will return to the platform.