WWE Star Zelina Vega Finally Returns To Twitch

Though WWE infamously instituted a ban on Twitch and other streaming platforms back in 2020, over time the company began to allow its performers back on the platform with certain caveats, including taking ownership of the account and paying the performer a cut of the earnings. For obvious reasons, this didn't sit well with a number of WWE stars, and many opted to stay off the platform. WWE even released Zelina Vega in 2020, with the Twitch issue reportedly playing a key role in her departure. Vega eventually returned to WWE, and the former Queen's Crown winner announced yesterday on Twitter that she'll be making a comeback to Twitch as well.


It seems possible WWE has relaxed its previous policy on Twitch and similar platforms over time, as stars such as Drew Gulak have returned to streaming over the course of 2022. Last year, there was even a reunion across company lines, with "Da Party" (consisting of AEW's Adam Cole and Claudio Castagnoli along with WWE's Xavier Woods and Tyler Breeze) streaming together.

WWE's merger with UFC under the Endeavor umbrella will likely have an effect on the ability of performers to use third-party platforms such as Twitch going forward, but that deal has yet to officially close. UFC has long allowed its contracted fighters to continue profiting from outside ventures including streaming. It's not known whether a policy change has been instituted at WWE due to the merger, or if Vega has decided to get back on the platform under the previous rules, sharing a substantial cut of profits with the company.