Eric Bischoff On AEW Collision: 'CM Punk Has Set Himself Up For A Dramatic Failure'

It's no secret that Eric Bischoff is no a fan of CM Punk. He's been saying for years that the "Second City Saint" is "the biggest financial flop in wrestling history," and now, ahead of the former AEW World Champion's return to the ring, the WWE Hall of Famer is banging that drum once again.


On the latest episode of "Strictly Business," Bischoff discussed the drawing power of the "Straight Edge Superstar." Or, to be more accurate, the lack of drawing power. The former "WWE Raw" General Manager pointed to the ticket sales for All In in London and the "AEW Collision" shows after the premiere in Chicago as examples that will prove that "CM Punk has set himself up for just a dramatic failure."

"CM Punk came in with all this mystique, and he did a good job of creating that mystique and maintaining it. For that I have respect, but once he got there, Punk didn't deliver," said the former WCW President. "The audience has started to turn against him. The rabid CM Punk fan base has diminished substantially ... If I was Tony Khan, I would not bring Punk to the UK. I would establish the fact that I could sell 70,000 tickets without him. They sold 65,000 tickets, then they announced him. How many additional tickets have they sold? It's incremental at best, and now they're having a hard time selling out these 'Collision' shows with Punk as a centerpiece."


By presenting the facts in this manner, Bischoff feels as though he's "being proven right every minute of the day" about Punk. With the events in question still on the horizon, there's still a chance that ticket sales could surge. But when it's all said and done, time will tell which side of history Bischoff ends up on.