Kevin Nash Explains How Differing Visions Caused Friction With Hulk Hogan In WCW

While Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall all had Hall of Fame careers separately, the trio will always be associated thanks to the NWO, arguably the greatest stable in WCW history. But as many good times as the three had shepherding the NWO along, there were also tough times, especially as the group's storyline cooled and WCW itself began to falter in 1998 and 1999, while Hogan exerted more creative control. On the latest "Kliq This," Nash was asked about Hogan's well-known political maneuvering during his WCW tenure, and whether Nash would serve as a middleman during these times between Hogan, WCW boss Eric Bischoff, and others. In response, Nash revealed how different mindsets led to issues between he and Hogan, and between Hogan and Hall as well.


"By the time it didn't work for Hulk, there was already friction between us," Nash said. "That was some of the problem, because Hulk was always so used to, and I'll just use his direct quote, his entire career, people stood underneath the Hogan apple tree and waited for a golden apple to fall. They'd get a six-month run with Hulk, have the run of their life, and they would move on."

"And he said 'You two pricks come in, you come in with chainsaws, and try to cut the f*****g tree down.' I can't say he wasn't wrong in feeling that way. It's just that we had a vision, and ... we were ten years younger than he was, if not more. So I mean ... he wasn't listening to west coast rap. We just had a vision that the more that we could, because ... it became pop culture-ish, but it wasn't pop culture."


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