Why Mark Henry Thinks LA Knight Needs To Lobby For Himself In WWE

LA Knight has had an organic rise as an emerging star in WWE, establishing a connection with the crowd through natural charisma and entertaining promos. But, like many before him, Knight has managed to get over without much direct support from WWE creative. Commenting on Knight's position during an episode of "Busted Open Radio," veterans Mark Henry and Bully Ray lamented how and why WWE chooses to push certain wrestlers.


"It sucks, man, that there have been times, and Bully can attest to that, that somebody gets over naturally and organically, and then they say, 'Well he's already getting over, let's do something with somebody else,' rather than pile it on that guy. Pour the gasoline on the fire!" Henry pleaded.

Recalling his own experiences pushing for more of a spotlight in WWE, Henry shared a simple piece of advice for Knight: go directly to management. "The squeaky wheel gets the oil. Say something," Henry advised. "'Will y'all do something with me, please? I'm busting my ass, I'm getting over.'"

Henry added that, when he was active, he used to ask for more outside-of-the-ring responsibilities, including media, Make a Wish, and Special Olympics appearances, to show management that he was serious about being an asset to the company."I don't know if LA Knight is doing that. You gotta lobby for yourself," he explained. "And if they say no, then you know what the deal is. When your contract comes up, don't try to renew."


Valuable Lessons From X-Pac

Bully Ray agreed, sharing a similar piece of advice he once received from a WWE veteran who wasn't afraid to advocate for himself.

According to Bully Ray, LA Knight shouldn't think twice about speaking directly with WWE management about his position on the card. Ray said he was in a similar spot at one time before X-Pac advised him to speak up.


"I learned that a long time ago from X-Pac, around 2003 or 2004. I wasn't exactly super happy with the way creative was using the Dudleys at the time," said Ray. "X-Pac said 'The squeaky wheel gets the oil,' and years later it really made sense."

According to Ray, that advice meant something extra coming from X-Pac, who spent most of his time around a group of top talents that were known for taking direct ownership of their careers.

"Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, Hunter, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall. All squeaky wheels," Ray said. "I don't mean that in a bad way. Guys that were not afraid to voice their displeasure with anything and everything that was going on during a certain time in their career."


As for Knight, his fortunes may be improving soon. He qualified for the men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match and could be considered an early favorite to win.