Erick Rowan On What He Loved About WWE Run With The Wyatt Family

Former WWE star Erick Rowan has opened up about being a member of the Wyatt Family, as well as what he loved about Bray Wyatt as the leader of the stable. Rowan is and will always be connected to the Wyatt stable, as well as the late Brodie Lee, leader Bray Wyatt, and former Wyatt Family member Braun Strowman.


He talked extensively about his time with the group during a recent interview with the "Heated Shenanigans" podcast, in particular about what he loved the most about his time with Wyatt, Lee, and Strowman. He believes the group brought something to that era of wrestling that otherwise wasn't present.

"I think I loved the dynamic between having ... finally, you have this stable in this ... it was basically the start of this new era of everybody's a pure wrestler," Rowan said. "And then you have the Wyatts, who are these giants, and these giants that can move. And it's always the story of, 'How are you going to stop this monster?' The Michael Myers story. So I think that's what I loved about it."


He also had special praise for Bray Wyatt and explained what made his character unique.

"And I loved that the cult leader in Windham [Bray Wyatt], I loved his dynamic with us because it's like, 'Well, why were these two guys following him when they could just snap him like a twig and go off on their own? What do they need him for?' I loved kind of the not knowing, and when it came time for matches, you had to beat these monsters to get to this other guy, to shut his mouth," said the former WWE star.

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