Carlito Reportedly Claimed To Have Signed With WWE When Canceling An Indie Show

Carlito made a surprise appearance at WWE Backlash 2023, but that might not be the only time he works for the company this year. According to Dave Meltzer of "Wrestling Observer Radio," the 44-year-old canceled an independent booking for July 15 and told the promoter, Devon Nicholson, that he's going back to WWE.


Of course, nothing is concrete at the moment. However, Meltzer noted that he wouldn't be surprised if Carlito returns to WWE on a more permanent basis after the pop he received at Backlash. "Caribbean Cool" showed up at the event to help the Latino World Order attack Judgment Day, marking his first appearance for the company since the 2021 WWE Royal Rumble.

Following Backlash, Carlito said that he's "open to whatever," revealing that he'll always entertain credible business opportunities, whether that's with WWE or another promotion. That said, he also stated that he wasn't going to sit by the phone waiting for offers to come in, noting that he's perfectly happy being an independent performer.


Previously, it was reported that Carlito's Backlash appearance was supposed to be a one-off. However, WWE officials were reportedly surprised about the reaction he received, claiming that it surpassed expectations. Furthermore, footage of his comeback went viral on the company's YouTube and social media channels afterward, indicating that Carlito has lots of fans in the WWE Universe.

Carlito's first full-time run with WWE came to an end in 2010, but "Caribbean Cool" has made occasional appearances since then. He appears to be on good terms with the promotion these days, but it remains to be seen if he's actually scheduled to return on a more substantial basis.