Ricochet Says He'll Smack Will Ospreay In The Face, Tells Him To Shut Up

The rivalry between WWE star Ricochet and NJPW star Will Ospreay dates back years, but trash talk between the two is still going strong. With Ospready uninterested in moving to the United States and signing with WWE, it almost certainly makes the prospect of a rematch between the two impossible for the foreseeable future. However, Ricochet seems intent on keeping the animosity alive. Speaking on "Mark Andrews: My Love Letter to Wrestling," the WWE star had some threatening words for his former opponent when the topic of the online feud between Ospreay and Seth Rollins came up.


"I don't necessarily think Will's just going to show up at the O2, and honestly Seth's got a lot to worry about on this side," Ricochet. "As cute and cheeky as it is, Seth's got a lot more to worry about on his plate right now than a 'Forbidden Door' match, or whatever you want to call it." Ricochet stated that a match between Ospreay and Rollins would certainly be incredible, but Rollins is preoccupied enough defending his title against WWE opponents.

"Will, shut up," Ricochet continued. "I'll slap you in the face, too, Will. Shut up."

The topic of Ospreay first came up with Ricochet recommending him as someone who could do really well within the WWE system. The WWE star stated that Ospreay already had a lot going for himself, and with the WWE promotion machine behind him, he could achieve even more. Ricochet also listed Impact Wrestling star Moose as someone he could see succeeding in WWE.


Ospreay and Ricochet locked up in nine separate singles matches between 2013 and 2017 across various promotions, including NJPW, RevPro, PWG, and WCPW. Around that time period, the two garnered positive attention online for their highly-athletic moves, while others criticized the matches for feeling overly choreographed.

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